Guidance about Business Website Listing

Whenever it’s time to list your website at any search engine such as Google or elsewhere, you have to give some information like:

  • Title of your website
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • URL etc.

In order to enlist your website at Google, it is compulsory to give all the required data. Similarly, if you want to list your website at any other online business directory website, the question is which is suitable for listing your website.

If you are overwhelmed with these types of questions, keep reading this article. This blog post will get all your answers about website listing. Website listing on the first page of Google or any other directory plays a crucial role in driving more and more traffic. However, directories help your business expand more, and it is a very inexpensive way for your business to succeed.

What Type of Information is provided to Google in Business Website Listing

1. Name of Your Business

Always give the real name of your business. Don’t use any additional keywords and geographic terms.

2. Your Address

Give your exact address with no changes or additions. Try to list your street address and mailbox number in lines one and two, respectively.

3. Your Phone Number

This term is important, especially for those who run websites for the business of hotels. List the phone number that is directly connected to the subject of the business website listing.

4. Your Business URL

Google demands that the URL goes directly to the page owned by the business. Don’t put URLs that refer to the third party or anywhere else.

5. Your Business Category

Specific categorization helps your business website rank on the first page of Google. So, defining your business category is also an important step that you should follow during the process of website listing.

6. Short Paragraph about Your Company/ Description

It is one of the practical fields that helps you to grasp more potential customers. Write an attractive and unique description.

7. Slogan

Try to list some memorable phrases that are used in advertising. It is vital for those who have some specific brand.

Besides all the above information, you also have to list some other parameters such as:

  • Social profiles
  • Images
  • Fax number
  • Certification
  • Another phone number
  • Additional media information
  • Attributes etc!

Enlist Your Website in Online Business Directory

Using a business listing website is one of the best ways to attract more customers. Make sure to list all the correct information about your business. Wrong information loses your customer potential. Customers lose interest as well. So, having ideal information is compulsory for business success. There are also a lot of spammy directory websites available on Google. Be aware of this type of directory website and protect yourself from any scam. The question is the benefit of website listing on directory websites.

Why Enlisting Your Website in an Online Directory is Important?

Many of you are still confused as to why enlisting a website in an online directory is essential. However, it can lead to more potential customers. Here we give the top 5 reasons that clear your mind well.

1. You Can Get More Traffic

Most of the directories’ websites are ranked on the top page of Google. Listing on such websites also drives more potential customers. Moreover, clients easily find your website and approach you with a single click. In this, your website also improves its position in search engine rank.

2. Website Listing Increases Your Business Visibility

An online directory improves your website visibility. So, if you want to become more visible in the different search engines, list your website in more than one directory. It is also the best way to improve your SEO ranking.

3. Online Directories Grow Your Business Well

As many people are visiting online website directories. Your listing on such websites also gets people aware of your brand. So, online directories assist you in your business growth.

4. Your Website is Easily Accessible to The Customers

An online directory is a place that improves your website visibility. So, many new consumers can easily access your website whenever they see it in an online directory website. Listing websites make people aware of your services and products.

If you want to enlist your website in a directory that benefits your business, then askgv is one of the best opportunities. is the free online directory that improves your website visibility online. We can assist you in driving more traffic!

Wrap Up

The quality and consistency help you a lot in achieving your goals. Business listings lead to web traffic. At the same time, make sure that the platform used for listing is accurate. Always remember the quality of directory websites. Askgv assures you about the success of your business.


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