There is no doubt that most of the young generation spends their time on different social media platforms. These social media platforms involve Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more. The usage of these sites for good purposes is not wrong. The excessive use of social media platforms is not suitable for adults.

In this digital world, many of us do online business with the usage of these platforms, such as running websites, etc. So, social networking has many benefits as it changes the method we communicate. It depends on you in which way you use these platforms.

Along with the excellent side, social networking also has the wrong side. This article discusses the different advantages and disadvantages of social media platforms. After reading this social media article, we hope you are clear about social networking habits’ various pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Social Media

Here we discuss the different influences of social media.


1. With Social Media Platform, You Can Connect Anybody across the Globe

We know that people from worldwide locations use social media platforms. So it is an excellent way to connect and communicate with anyone. You can talk to them easily through social networking, no matter where they are. You don’t want to go anywhere; pick up the phone and message them. So, it is the simplest way to communicate with friends and relatives.

2. People Run Their Online Business through These Platforms

It is a great source of income. At your home, you can grow your business through these sites. What’s all you need? A good Internet connection and a device such as laptops etc. many people invest in websites and grow their online business day by day. It also saves you from the difficulty of physical meetings. You can do all your work online.

3. It Provides a Variety of Opportunities for the Young Generation

Many years ago, youngsters read newspapers to know about any job vacancy. In the modern age, this trend has changed now. Social media platforms help people to find a variety of jobs online. You can also apply for any post online. So, your influential presence on social media will help you find and get your desired position.

4. You Can Get Information on Any News Fast

Undoubtedly, many years ago, people gained knowledge about any news from television or read newspapers. Now, this does not happen. You can get information about any news through social media very fast. In other words, we say that the news finds you in this modern age rather than you need to find the news.


Along with positive sides, social media also has many negative consequences. Here we elaborate on some of them.

1. Sometimes These Platforms Are Not Much More Reliable

How can you assure that the news you get from the internet is accurate? Don’t build your trust level on such news. Many people share fake information just for the sake of money. This is not true all the time, but very often, people share false information.

2. Many of us suffer From Privacy Issues

These social media platforms have more knowledge about us than we think. Many of you suffer from privacy issues because you have no control over how your information is used. Sometimes your posted information may reach an unintended audience. You also have no idea how other people judge you from your posts on social media.

3. These Social Media Platforms Make You Lazy

Many of you are scrolling these sites for no reason. They are just wasting their time and nothing else! It also causes stress in many people. You become lazy with the usage of these social media platforms. Some of you don’t know how to utilize these sites for a good purpose. These sites consume your mental energy more and more.

4. There Are Many Fraudsters Available on Social Media Platforms

You will find many scams and fraud on these social media sites. Scammers use false information, and you quickly become victims of their deception. They hacked your passwords and credit card information. So if you are not conscious of your privacy, you may get inescapable outcomes.

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Wrap Up

Social media platforms make progress very fast. It is also true that it causes much damage in your life. If you use it for a good purpose, you feel relaxed, but if you are addicted to its use, there is a problem. So, it all depends upon you whether social media helps or hurts you!


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